Charitable Bequest

Are you planning a bequest to your parish, parish school, diocesan high school or other diocesan agency through your will or revocable trust? You have a wide choice of alternatives to help the Church in southern Illinois.

  • You can bequest a sum of money, specified personal or real property or a share of your estate's residue (the amount remaining after all costs, debts and taxes have been paid and all monetary and specific bequests have been satisfied).
  • Your gift can be contingent. That is you can provide money, property or a share to go to some individual if that person survives you: otherwise, it is to be distributed to the Church.
  • Here is a sample bequest language for a parish in the Diocese of Belleville (please check with your attorney about the manner in which the bequest should be structured to carry out your intentions): "I give and bequeath (amount) to (name of parish), (address of parish), an Illinois religious organization, for (list purpose or restrictions, if any)."

  • You can create a trust for a relative's benefit, assuring the availability of income and principal for that person's support and comfort, and name the Church to receive whatever is left when the trust terminates.