How Can I Help?

There are a wide variety of ministries available to clergy and lay volunteers that come under the banner of Pastoral Care (ministries of healing) and Advocacy (ministries of social justice). Both Pastoral Care and Advocacy can be practiced inside the prison, outside the prison and in various support service roles.

PASTORAL CARE – Inside the Prison


  • Sacramental, Catechetical
  • Programs, Educational
  • Corrections Staff Ministry
-  Restorative Justice
- Legal Assistance
- Prison Safety and Abuse

PASTORAL  CARE – Outside the Prison

  • Providing Religious Materials
  • Re-Entry Programs
  • Family/Victim Support 
- Death Penalty/Sentencing
- Prison Privatization
- Immigrant Detention

PASTORAL CARE – Support Services

  • Clerical/Internet
  • Supplies/Fund Raising
  • Intercessory Prayer
- Parish/Diocese Awareness
- Public Relations
- Data Collection/Research


We also provide speakers to parish and diocesan groups about how they might support and strengthen Catholic prison ministry in southern Illinois. We are also willing to consult with individual volunteers as they discern how God is calling them to serve.

We provide a variety of training to those who desire to continue their prison ministry in a leadership role in the diocese. The Network has established a “Prison Ministry Leadership Curriculum” that covers a series of course created to support the six Roman Catholic dioceses of Illinois who seek to provide greater numbers of qualified individuals for ministerial leadership in prisons and jails. The four courses and workshops are conducted through Lewis University, Department of Theology, and provide the following:

  • Qualified leadership in jail and prison settings throughout the state of Illinois in each of the six dioceses
  • Award sixteen (16) credits toward and undergraduate theology degree at Lewis University.
  • Deliver important requirements toward certification for prison chaplaincy.


P.O. Box 398
East St. Louis, IL 62202-0398

Associate Coordinator

Mr. Louis Slapshak