Catholic Campaign for Human Development - CCHD

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ "... to bring good news to the poor ...  release to captives ...  sight to the blind, and let the oppressed go free." (Luke 4:18)  CCHD believes that change is most likely when:

Those who are directly affected by unjust systems and structures have the best insight into knowing how to change them is central to CCHD; and when
CCHD offers a hand up, not a hand out. CCHD works to break the cycle of poverty by helping low-income people participate in decisions that affect their lives, families and communities.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Local CCHD Grants of up to $5000
Four types of local CCHD funds are available in the Diocese of Belleville. Grants will be given to groups that work for the following initiatives or that make it possible for people who are poor and marginalized to work for the initiatives:

* ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GRANTS.  Initiatives that significantly include the voice of those who are poor and marginalized in developing new businesses that offer good jobs and/or development assets that will be owned and enjoyed by local communities,  

* ORGANIZING GRANTS.  Those engaged in empowering the poor and working to bring changes in policies, institutions and laws, and  

* EDUCATION GRANTS. Those which build solidarity between poor and non-poor and educate Catholics and others in the community about the systemic causes of poverty.

* DIRECT SERVICE GRANTS. Initiatives and programs that address individuals' immediate needs so they may stabilize their life situation and move towards self-sufficiency.
In this application cycle, grants for up to $5000 will be awarded. Community organizations, parishes and schools — and clusters of parishes, schools, etc. — are encouraged to collaborate and apply. Applications should be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The application deadline for this year is September 27.

CCHD Local Grant Application 2019.pdf


Projects must primarily benefit a poverty group. In addition, projects also must demonstrate the potential to develop leaders from that low-income community.

Members of the poverty group should be involved in planning and implementing the project.  If not currently involved in planning or implementing, there should be a goal of preparing to  move marginalized or low-income individuals into that role.  

Projects funded should have the long term goal of bringing institutional change by attacking the basic social, economic and political causes of poverty.

Projects should benefit a relatively large number of people, rather than a few individuals.

Projects should generate collaboration and solidarity among and within diverse social, economic, religious and other community groups.

Direct service projects should meet individuals' immediate needs and provide services and programs that assist them in bettering their life situation through education, employment, permanent housing and better financial management.

If you have questions, contact Cheryl Sommer, CCHD Diocesan Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 618-234-1166.  

CCHD Diocesan Committee:

  • Cheryl Sommer, Diocesan Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 618-624-2838
  • Louis Jones, CCHD Intern
  • Matt Flynn
  • Fr. Carroll Mizicko
  • Tim Taylor
  • Dora Weaver